IEOR 4999 - Student Internship Report

IEOR 4999 - Student Internship Report

Students registered for IEOR E4999 Fieldwork must submit a written report, elaborating on the internship experience, projects, and their relevance to degree program. Please complete the form below and upload your final report.

Guidelines from Prof. Emanuel Derman, who reviews all Fieldwork reports:

Your grade for IEOR E4999 Fieldwork depends on the quality of the report and your supervisor’s evaluation of your work. Hence, it is important that you describe your internship experience clearly and purposefully. Here are some helpful guidelines for you:

1. Structure your report with: page numbers, executive summary, introduction, body paragraphs talking about points (2 through 5 below), and a conclusion.
2. Explain your projects and responsibilities clearly. If your internship was quantitative, please explain the concepts and clarify using equations or technical appendix. Clearly explain concepts, equations, symbols, abbreviations clearly. Pretend that the audience reading your report has no knowledge of your work.
3. Explain a typical day of this internship. Did you have routines, meetings, reports?
4. Explain how your work fits within the organization? How did your work contribute to the business of the organization? Who did you work with?
5. Discuss how this internship contributes to your career goals and coursework at Columbia.
6. Use your own words. Do not copy content from the company website or the Internet; this constitutes as plagiarism.
7. Ask another classmate or friend to proofread your work.

I read each and every report very carefully, then I assign grades. The students who wrote a truly exceptional reports with an excellent evaluation letter will earn an A. Students with errors and not following guidelines will not earn an A-family grade. If you do not earn an A-family grade, it does not mean that you did not perform a good job in your internship. It may indicate that your report may require more work, or your supervisor evaluation letter revealed areas of improvement.

*CP = Credit Pending; You will receive a letter grade after your reports have been reviewed.