IEOR Student Internship Report

IEOR Student Internship Report

The student must submit an IEOR Student Internship Report, elaborating on the experience, projects, and relevance to degree program. Please complete the form below and upload your final report.

Fieldwork/CPT Grades

When you do a Fieldwork/CPT project or internship, you are given a project to do chosen by someone else the grader has never met and had no real interaction with. Some people get really interesting projects. Other people get dull ones. It's not their fault -- it's the luck of the draw.

Therefore, when I grade a Fieldwork/CPT report, a large part of the grade is a grade of THE REPORT. That's all I have to go on. So, how clearly did describe what you did? How clearly did you describe the purpose? How well was the report structured? Did in include explanations of what lay behind what you did? If it was on something quantitative, did you explain some of it or add some equations or put in a technical appendix? Did you just copy stuff from the company website, or did you attempt to explain things in your own words? When and if you wrote an equation, did you explain what the symbols were? And yes, sometimes, did you have page numbers? Who in their right mind hands in a report where the pages aren't sequentially numbered? You're writing a report, not a letter to your parents. Did you make a serious attempt to explain yourself?

So these are some of the things I look at as well as what you did.

Then I look through all the reports and assign grades. The best ones that are easy to understand and carefully written and include details get A's, the less perfect ones A-, and some B+s and even occasional B's for sloppy ones. An A is a grade that indicates something excellently done. If your report wasn't excellently done, you cannot expect an A. If you get a B, it's not because you necessarily did bad work on your internship; it's because there were much more carefully written reports than yours.

-Emanuel Derman

*CP = Credit Pending; You will receive a letter grade after your reports have been reviewed.