IEOR E4577 Course Request

IEOR E4577 Course Request

Fall 2016: Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs and Managers
Professors Orin Herskowitz ( and Jeff Sears (

IEOR E4577: Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs and Managers

Course Description:
Intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks) are an increasingly critical part of almost any business, at almost any stage of growth. This course will provide the aspiring business executive, tech entrepreneur, or scientist an overview of commercial opportunities and risks associated with intellectual property, with a particular focus on technology patents. While legal principles will be addressed, the primary focus of the class will be on leveraging intellectual property to create financial returns.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:
1. Understand the basics of intellectual property as it affects entrepreneurs and business executives;
2. Work effectively with IP attorneys;
3. Be comfortable reading and assessing a patent from a business perspective
4. Have an appreciation for drafting patent claims;
5. Understand the differences between utility patents, design patents, software patents, copyrights, and trademarks;
6. Be comfortable participating in the negotiation for an IP licensing agreement, including developing an awareness of the risks and opportunities therein;
7. Have an appreciation for the IP strategies employed by start-ups and the Fortune 500
8. Understand the basics of patent litigation as it impacts inventors, entrepreneurs, patent assertion entities, different industries, and financial players.

The class will rely heavily on panel discussions with guest speakers. For the last class offering in Spring 2015, we had speakers from the Fortune 500 (Google, Philips, IBM, Nokia, Yahoo), venture capital (NEA, Matrix Partners, Foundation Medical Partners, Osage), the patent world (USPTO, premier patent prosecutors and litigators), assertion entities (Acacia, Desmarais LLP), entrepreneurs (Infinio, Phosplatin Therapeutics), alternate models for patent monetization (IPXI; Patent Properties, Drug Royalty International), and others.

NOTE: This instance is a zero-credit class with no homework expectations beyond full class attendance and reading, open to any interested Columbia individuals.

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