Cross-Registration Request for Fall IEOR Courses

Cross-Registration Request for Fall IEOR Courses

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in IEOR Department courses.

Please follow the following instructions and policies:

1. Kindly fill out the form in its entirety and the Department will get back to you during the second week of classes by email.

2. Incomplete requests will not be reviewed nor processed; please fill out the form completely.

3. Due to the large volume of requests, you are limited to apply to 3 courses, and you will not be awarded more than 3 credits of IEOR courses per semester

4. All necessary pre-requisite requirements must be fulfilled.

5. If you change your mind, you may make multiple submissions, but only the most recent submission will be reviewed and considered.

6. By clicking on the "submit" button, you are attesting that the information you provided is true to the best of your ability. Your submission provides consent to the Graduate Student Services or Office of Judicial Affairs to release information pertaining to your disciplinary/conduct history to the IEOR Department.