FULL TIME - Imbrex (New York, NY) - Solidity Developer, writing smart contracts and interacting with the Ethereum Virtual Machine

FULL TIME - Imbrex (New York, NY) - Solidity Developer, writing smart contracts and interacting with the Ethereum Virtual Machine

What is imbrex?

Imbrex is the first MLS built with blockchain technology. It’s a new data storage and dissemination protocol for the real estate industry. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain and will enable users to own their data, which is revolutionary.

Imbrex is founded on the principle that users should be in control of their proprietary data. We achieve this by replacing the server and database with open technologies like the blockchain that are akin to public utilities rather than privately held corporations.

By removing third parties intermediaries that charge for things like distribution and storage, imbrex bypasses conflicting business interests and puts power back in the hands of the real estate industry.

The result, in addition to lowering costs and properly assigning SEO credit, is imbrex's approach establishes a new layer in portability, where the individual or firm can easily migrate data between their websites, CRM's and portals.


● Solidity future transaction contracts
● Backend JavaScript
● Distributed Systems
● Microservice Architecture
● A passion for technology and applying it to business solutions as well as Blockchain and
associated concepts such as smart contracts
● Knowledge or experience with Ethereum and the inner workings of the Ethereum Virtual
● Leading on design and development of imbrex functionalities and user experiences that
are inherently driven by smart contract mechanism design
● Master imbrex’s current contract stack and call back functions
● Create, audit, write tests and review Solidity smart contracts
● IPFS knowledge a plus
● Active Github

What it will be like at imbrex?

As a Solidity Engineer at imbrex, you will have the opportunity to work on a highly-visible,
technically advanced project with a creative team. You will be building on our current contract
stack and helping us chart an evolving architecture.

We are a small band of learners. Everything we do is an experiment and an iteration.

We are big on transparency, communication and accountability. Not only are we building a
decentralized application, but we are also a distributed team, so making sure everyone is
included and able work asynchronously, with good information and clear status on shared
work is integral to everything we do.
We see good process as a tool, not a constraint. We wield it to build smart. It does not control

We are early-stage, but we think (and therefore, act) big. Our product is global and being built in
a new ecosystem, so we take that things will change, scale and surprise us for granted and
design our work accordingly.


Team Player, Highly Organized, Solidity, Web3, Distributed Systems, JavaScript, IPFS

Priority will be given to those who have already graduated but those completing their degree requirements by December 2018 will also be considered.

Submit resume by end of day on August 26th, 2018